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About Le-Ment

Learn & get a degree is a student’s goal when they enter a college. 

Le-Ment group provides more than this. Its aim is to provide the student with insights for a lifetime. Giving lifetime situations, it gives a thorough growth for the student emphasizing innovation, creativity & entrepreneurship. At Le-ment class room learning blends with external exposure. With the finest campus in terms of ambience, infra structural facilities & faculties the students develops a vision to reach their goal & helps them to deal with forthcoming challenges.

What you will learn in this webinar?

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why Le-Ment?

Le-Ment College of Advanced Studies ,Affiliated to University of Calicut, is a prestigious institution functioning under the aegis of Le-ment Foundation, Pattambi.

On the occasion of its 10th Anniversary, we proudly announce that, our college has:

Le-Ment College

River View Campus

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