Affiliated To Calicut University

Alumni Name : Le-Mentians

Aims and Objectives

The Objectives of the Association shall be  :

  • To maintain the contacts of the alumni with the mother institution.
  • To foster the relation between the past and present students of the institution.
  • To promote good will and mutual assistance among the members.
  • To promote academic excellence in the college with instituting awards, scholarships, prizes, book banks etc.
  • To cooperate with students in literary, cultural and sports activities of the college. 

Membership :

There shall be five classes of members –

  1. Backer : The chairman of the institution and the principal shall be the Backer of the association.The general body may invite other outstanding personal to be the Backer of the association.
  2. Life Members : All those former students of the college who pay an entrance subscription not less than of rupees 300 shall be life members.Life members need not pay any annual subscription.
  3. Ordinary Members : All former students who pay an amount of rupees 100 as entrance fee and rupees 50 as annual subscription shall be ordinary members.
  4. Honorary Members : All members of the teaching staff shall be honorary members of the association
  5. Associate Members : All former members of the teaching staff of the college shall be eligible to become associate Life members or Associate members of the association on payment of the fees prescribed for the corresponding class of members of former student   

 Backer, Honorary members and associate members shall enjoy all the privileges of the association except that of the voting in the annual general body  meeting.

Executive Committee

The affairs of the association shall be managed by the executive committee consisting of    one president, one general secretary, two vice presidents, two secretaries, one treasurer and ten other members. The executive committee shall consist of not less than 7 members and not more than 19.The executive committee shall have the power to constitute sub committees to further activities of the association .

  • The president shall be elected from the former students
  • Once vice president shall be elected from amongst the former students and other vice presidents from the teaching staff of the college.
  • One secretary shall be elected from amongst the former students and other vice presidents from the teaching staff of the college.
  • The treasurer shall be elected from amongst the teaching staff of the college
  • All classes of members shall be eligible for election as members of the executive committee
  •  All the office bearers of the association shall be elected once in a year of the annual general body meeting of the association which shall be held normally on April of the academic year of the college .Interim vacancies in the executive committee may be filled up by the executive committee. 
  • Students of the final year class of the college shall have the right to participate and vote in the annual general body meeting if they are enrolled as members of the association at least one week before the meeting by paying entrance fee.

The official year of the association shall be April 1st of one year to the 31st march of the succeeding year and annual subscription is payable in advance.

General Body:

General body means all the members of the association.


The Quorum for a meeting of the association shall be 25 and for a meeting of the executive committee 5 including president/secretary.

Power and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee and Office Bearers

Executive Committee:

  • The  executive committee is responsible for the overall management of the association and will be the custodian of all the assets of the association
  • The executive committee shall meet at least twice in a year 
  • The executive committee shall have the power to peruse all the accounts of the association and the executive committee shall have the power to frame the bye-laws which are not inconsistent with these rules.All bye-laws by the executive committee shall be placed before the general body for approval at the next annual general meeting.
  • The executive committee shall receive subscriptions and donation/contributions against serially machine numbered receipts with counterfoils to be signed by the secretary of an executive committee member authorized by the secretary.
  • The annual accounts and budgets shall be prepared by the executive committee and it shall be placed for the consideration of the association.

The General Body:

The general body is the supreme authority on all matters of the association and shall meet at least once in a year.It shall if need,verify the accounts and appoint a chartered accountant to audit the accounts.It shall receive the annual report and pass it and shall amend the constitution.The decision of the general body shall be final and binding in all matters connected with the association.


  • The president shall preside over the meetings and the executive committee.
  • The president shall have the power to peruse the accounts of the association whatever necessary.

Vice President

The Vice president shall perform the duties of the president in his absence and authorize.


  • The secretary shall be custodian of the record of the association. 
  • The secretary shall receive the applications for membership and place them before the executive committee for appropriate action. 
  • The secretary shall keep the accounts and vouchers regarding receipts and expenditure, shall maintain all register of the association shall keep the minutes and proceeding of the executive committee and general body,shall convene of meeting of the executive committees and general body, and shall perform all other functions as the executive committee may assign to him/her.

Joint Secretary

The Joint Secretary shall assist the secretary and shall perform the duties of the secretary in his\her absence or when so authorized by the executive committee /secretary.


Treasurer is responsible for all the financial accounts of the association.

Executive Members

Executive Members should attend the general body meetings and executive committee meetings.

Operation Of Funds

The funds of the association shall be invested in such banks or in such authorized securities as the executive committee may decide and shall be operated jointly by the treasurer and the president of the association.

Amendment Of Bye-Law

When it becomes necessary to make an amendment in the bye-law it shall present in the annual general body and have to get three or five of the members present in the annual general body and the amendment shall file before the registrar.

Annual General Body Meetings and Elections

The tenure of the executive committee is one year.an annual general body meetings shall be convened in the any convenient date in the month of April every year .General body members will elect the new executive committee or a panel of new executive committee may be presented in the annual general body and pass it accordingly.Election can be conducted either through secret ballot or by raising hands.

No Confidence Motion

  • The motion of no confidence must be supported and signed by 30 members.
  • A notice prior to a minimum of two weeks is required for such a resolution to be moved .
  • The motion of non confidence shall be voted.It shall only be passed with 2/3rd majority of those present in the meeting.

Records to be Kept

  • Registration book
  • Meeting minutes and report book
  • Accounts books


In case the committee ceases to function or is dissolved for any reason ,the rest of assets will be given to other associations working with the same purpose after paying off debts otherwise it will be invested in the government.

The members should not own the assets and it should not be distributed among the members for whatever reason.

We certify that the above furnished is the original copy of the bye-law of Le-Ment College ofAdvanced Studies Alumni Association and it is approved by the General Body held on  6th January 2023.