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Title: Feeding the poor


To uphold human values and provide them with the opportunity to understand the social issues and thereby make them lend a helping hand to the needy. Le-Ment College of Advanced Studies places great emphasis on the core values of  Care, Respect, Passion, and Focus (CRPF). The college encourage students to uphold human values and ethics. As education is crucial for living and leading a fruitful life in society, instilling human values through education is the foundation for a better life and nation building.

The context:

Students  occasionally  visit Old Age Homes, Orphanages, and centers for differently-abled children, where they provide food and clothing supplies and organize entertainment programs. These visits help them understand the value of fellow human beings. Students are even willing to motivate HIV patients by serving them Onam Sadhya and organizing entertainment activities under a charitable institution. The social club is not only active outside the campus but also provides drinking water services during college events, especially on Sports Day.

The Practice:

‘Feeding the poor’ program initiated by the Social Club under different names such as Padheyam and Niravu- Feed the Hunger . Students are dedicated to feeding the hungry. Every Wednesday, students of one class bring home cooked food  (pothichoru). Initially, this was done on Fridays. They look for the poor, destitute, homeless and hungry in Pattambi and Shornur Railway Station premises, bus stands, and other nearby locations. This practice instills in them the value of food and the importance of fighting hunger. It motivates them to reduce wastage of food, and uphold the significance of human values.

The Social Club has been functioning since the inception of the college and we take pride in the fact that our students are socially responsible. The club is open to all the staffs and students alike. Student coordinators from each class represent the club’s activities. Every year, the Social Club initiates fundraising campaigns for the needy. In the case of any medical emergency reported, the social club members are ready to do their best to help the deserved. The management, staffs, and students equally promote the activities of the social club with enthusiasm and dedication


Title: Gender equity

Objective: To promote gender equity among students, for a sustainable and peaceful development  and to empower female students by building their mental and physical strength, helping them recognize their full potential, and attaining stability in a competitive world.

Plan of Action: Le-Ment College of Advanced Studies has constituted Gender Club, Women Cell, Entrepreneurship Development Club, and Social Club. Through these clubs various activities are organized to promote gender equity among students.

Conducting awareness classes, seminars focused on menstrual hygiene, and self-defense classes are organized for female students to help them gain awareness and protection against sexual assault. The college also offers premarital counseling for female students.

A plan of action that includes online and offline sessions, as well as interactions with eminent personalities has been designed. The Gender Club organizes mental health sessions for both boys and girls, provides counseling, and conducts gender awareness sessions.


Educational institutions are the foundation of the future generation, and to ensure a better future for students, educational policies and procedures must prioritize career-oriented curricula. Le-Ment College of Advanced Studies places significant emphasis on academic efforts to enhance work competency, and students are encouraged to acquire human relation skills, self-reliance, self-confidence, and responsibility as individuals. The college strives to foster learning for all students, encouraging them to pursue a career along with their degree certificate, which has been positively received. Additionally, our college’s time schedule is noteworthy. Time management is a critical aspect of an individual’s life, as it has a significant impact on one’s energy and vitality.

College time schedule:

The college hours begin at 8.00 am and end at 1.45 pm. Le-Ment college strongly believes in the adage, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy,” and the college has implemented a time schedule that reflects this philosophy. Financial hardship is a significant concern for many college students, particularly those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Le-Ment time schedule of 8.00 am to 1.45 pm mitigates this issue and provides ample opportunities for students to pursue part-time jobs and gain valuable work experience while pursuing their studies. By engaging in such initiatives students are motivated to learn and complete their academic programs successfully. They also gain insights into the world of work, acquire job skills, develop interpersonal and social skills, and cultivate industry contacts, all of which improve their employability prospects.

A good number of Students work after the college hours. They have a wide range of options for earning extra income, either online or offline. Some students work at departmental stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and showrooms, while others choose to do online internships or start an online business. Many of the Le-Ment students use their talents and skills to earn money through social media, and some prefer to work as freelancers. Although freelance work requires some experience, having a strong profile and portfolio can help students to secure better  offers. These opportunities not only help students manage their finances but also provide excellent learning opportunities to build their careers.

By earning money, students can learn valuable life lessons and understand the importance of hard work. While prioritizing studies is always recommended, with good time-management skills, students can establish a healthy balance between work and life. The desire to achieve financial independence and pursue their goals and ambitions at an early age is common among students. When students have the chance to work outside the classroom, they can acquire genuine business and industry experience, develop their understanding of workplace culture and improve their critical workplace skills such as effective leadership and communication. This is also an excellent opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of their life’s purpose.

Reduce Drop outs

It is undeniable that time schedule of the college can equip students with employable skills, strengthen them, and prepare them for successful careers. By working with other employees, students can learn the value of hard work and develop a strong work ethics, which are essential in coping with societal demands. These activities also enhance their resourcefulness, personal interests, and career preferences, and reduce their sense of alienation from what they learn. As a result, higher education becomes a self-directed and life-related enterprise that teaches many life skills as well. These efforts result in lower unemployment risks, shorter job-search durations, higher wage effects, and greater job responsibility, providing students with financial independence and security. Even with a demanding schedule, students can still utilize their free time, including vacations, weekends, and after-school hours, to earn money online or offline. This experience teaches them to manage finances efficiently at a young age, become financially independent, and thrive in a competitive world.