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Le-ment College Of Advanced Studies

Le-Ment College of Advanced Studies
Mele Pattambi , Palakkad

(Affiliated to calicut university)




About us

The vision of the Science club is to encourage more and more students to participate in regional, national and international-level science exhibitions so as to expose them to various ideas and technology used in scientific models.

 The scientific and technological advancement of today is a long forward journey form stone age. Each individual has his our interests talents and abilities. Even a progressive syllabus fails to cat to the needs of each science educators, now a days are found to exhibit growing interest and means of stimulating group participation and mobilizing interest in learning science organizing science clubs is one among such activities. Thorough activities of a science club, learning of science becomes joyful.




Science Expo

Ozmenta Science club supervised science expo that took place in our college in 2019.


Nusrath PK

(Programme coordinator)

Pradeep CP

(Programme coordinator)

“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.”
– Robert A. Heinlein.

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