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Chairman's Message

From the desk of the Chairman..

The purpose of education is not simply to acquire degrees. It is to mold the impressionable minds of our young generation in the right direction. Our children are the future citizens of tomorrow. They have the power to take our country to great heights of success. Hence, it is essential that we train them to overcome their personal inhibitions and prejudices and unite as an indomitable force. Only then we can visualize a society that is free from corruption, intolerance and conflicts. The team Le-Ment comprises well-qualified teachers and instructors supported by administrative staff. Our endeavor is to provide an enriched environment to make teaching and learning a rewarding experience. The curriculum is relevant to the needs of a changing world. It promotes and inculcates academic excellence along with leadership, self-confidence, mutual respect and a sense of global identity. I am proud that our College not only focuses on academics but also overall development of the student emphasizing on content, processes, social services and also makes all the efforts so that we remain at the forefront of world racing. I wish the Principal, Staff, students, and parents God’s abundant blessing for manifold successes. I am positive that the pages that follow will help you to take the right path. We look forward to welcome you to Le-Ment college of advanced studies and help you to shape your future by turning your dreams into reality and prepare you to face the challenges ahead.

Haneefa C.M

Chairman of Le-Ment Foundation